Monday, January 07, 2008

Organize as maintenance

Dear Blog,
This is my heartfelt apology. I have neglected you, left you unattended and uncared for and for that I am truly sorry.

I realize that my blog like any thing in life, needs constant work and constant maintenance. A fact that I keep learning over and over again especially at this time of year, when I clean out the shelves of the local farmers market and tell red meat, see ya next year!

On day seven, I am keeping up my workout routine where recently a well meaning young sales associate tried to up sell my current membership. He asked about my fitness level, my routine, my likes, my dislikes, everything short of my favorite color workout tank and the question I was waiting for, as I had the perfect answer... "If you could be a professional athlete, who would you be?" My answer is Jackie Robinson, one that, I am convinced could have no correlation to any current workout.

In an exasperated fashion, I answered his questions until I finally hit rock bottom, "I have been working out for twenty years! When can I just stop?" The young man grinned...

And that is when it hit me, it never stops, exercising, eating well, organizing, writing are daily pursuits that need maintenance. So for this year, I am taking baby steps, a little bit of each, each day, seeking balance in the maintenance, the habits, the routines.

I did renew my membership, but drew the line on the personal trainer. For now, anyway, I have lots of veggies to eat....


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