Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why is there no clutter on St John?

There is no clutter on the island of St John...
This could be for many reasons, first, the island is hard to get things in and out of, unless on a boat, that is one incentive for not cluttering up the natural beauty. And there is a real garbage crisis there, not a lot of infrastructure for disposal and not a plethora of water for the islanders. An odd observation as the island is surrounded by blue water, salty as it may be. But the St Johnians don't need much and this is the lesson that I take back with me every time, I visit, which is yearly. I love the nature, I love the beach and for many that is all that is needed, houses are built on hill tops to enjoy the view, fashion is not as important as comfort from the tropical heat and everyone is casual and kind. It is truly an island resort. St John teaches me that I don't really need that much after all, for a week away, I bring one carry on bag, now that is what I call packing light. Adopting this lesson to my city life is the challenge, at least for the next couple of days, I can tune out the helicopter noise over the Hudson, the crowds of people on the bus and the tall buildings that obscure my view. For now, a little bit of St John remains in my momentarily clutter free mind...


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