Monday, April 03, 2006

Clean your closet, change your life

I love when the seasons change.
Being uber-organized, I jump into my closet and make piles of winter wools for the dry cleaner and pile cashmere sweaters and scarves to be put in the delicate cycle. Walking into my home at this time, you will find fine washables blocked out on any flat space available. The preparation for spring and summer has begun.
I take stock of what was used and what wasn't, what wore well and got worn out. As the switch is made from turtleneck to tank top, I look at my wardrobe for the new season and make mental notes of things needed.
Here are some good tips for preparing for the new season:
1. Grab a fashion magazine before you shop to identify the right trends for you.
2. Look at your basics, summer cottons do not show damage well, take stock of your tees!
3. Shop with a list of the things you need.
4. Try on last season's clothing, perhaps its time to jump start your exercise as well.
5. Put together a pile for donation or consignment. Resale shops will be looking for spring and summer now. So make sure you are only bringing in season clothes.
Your closet can offer the keys to how you live. What you wear can often dictate where you have been. But only you can decide where you are going!