Friday, September 01, 2006

My new shopping obsession

As a recovering shopaholic, everyday is a struggle to stay out of the stores. This summer has been a significant turning point in my shopping evolution. Recently, I was turned onto a new healthier obsession, still requiring me to spend unrestricted time in my closet, but this time turning my misguided purchases into cash.

Sure, I have done my share of charity and consignment where you get a handy tax slip or $2.00 for your mildly worn Gucci sandals, but my new obsession offers sport as well as cash.

I have always been tempted to do Ebay, but the picture taking, shipping and online world always seemed a bit scary. A store opened nearby that will take care of all of that for me, the store is called Urban Auctioneer, an Ebay superstore. What a god send! In fact, my three bulging closets have been cut back to one single and a shared coat closet. The real purge has begun.

And, you can even watch the auction as you say "bye bye" to your possessions. Nothing helps with separation anxiety than watching people bid real cash on your unwanted items.

If you have fine designer goods, this is the place for you. Especially for items that you have not worn much and will never wear!

My task is to now take the Ebay money and deposit into my bank account rather than going out to Cole Haan for a splurge. This might be the hardest part of all.

I encourage you to google your area Ebay store and start selling!