Monday, July 31, 2006

Something better will come along...

My favorite organizing principle? Make space and let go, the universe will reward with you something even better.

Until recently, that meant donating my gently worn Guccis loafers and upgrading to Prada sling backs. Sure, the principle is the same, but altered to fit my never ending fashion needs. The real concept is the giving up of the shoes, the handbags, the paper or even the day planner to free ourselves. Once free, it seems a cosmic charge is released in the universe and things seem to happen.

Cutting back on my out of control shopping, saved me time and energy, allowing me to tap into a new life and a new career, one that was seemingly buried under all that clothing.

After fourteen years organizing tour schedules and promoting authors in publishing, I would hop to the other side and publish my own book. It seemed my closet held the key...

The yogis, the zen buddhist and feng shui practioners all agree that making space allows us to free ourselves from mental and physical clutter. This clearing enables us to live freer, without attachment.

I would update the idea of attachment, one better, it is fine to be attached to the good things, friends, family, a partner, a pet. These are good examples of attachment showing love and commitment properly assigned. The danger is misplacing these emotions on things, not people.

After all, I would rather collect friends and experiences, than shoes, even really nice shoes.

Do you have a similar story, let me know, you just might be part of my next article or book!